September 2002
Since I last wrote I have finished the recording with Alan Simon (as mentioned in my last letter). The song I did with him is called 'On the Road' (quite appropriate for my day to day life you may think, but titles can be deceptive, and its not about what you may think). It's a beautifull song and he has made a very different sounding and haunting album, full of original sounds and moods. In fact, I'm going back in the studio tomorrow for just a couple of days, so I'll have a listen to some of the final mixes. I think the album will be called "Concert at the top of the World" as Alan is aiming for a full spectacular performance in Tibet next year. What a trip!
I have been writing again lately and I hope I can realize the feeling on tape, as it were, of the feeling that I get playing here in my room. That's the dilemma for every writer I assume.
There has been a lot of band business to be taken care of this summer, not always my favourite pastime, but it has to be attended to. I often wonder what it's like for those bands with a day to day manager, of the type most groups have. I meet them at music function events, etc. He or she probably woudn't last five minutes around us lot, before running off screaming "Help!"
The dear, late Tom Hullett was the only person I ever knew who really understood, as a bussinessman (Tom was the driving force behind Red Rocks), what our music meant to us and understood too, how to handle four very different people (make that five when Mike was with us).
I feel like I'll be going on tour for a rest this time, things have been so frantic. I looked at the Mario Frangoulis TV show (see last letter) today. He is brilliant in it. The only song left in, that we did together though, after the editor had finished with the scissors, is Nights. It sounds great, but I was a little dissapointed that they edited in the rehearsal version we did. I know that because on the night I was wearing a suit for the song, and there I was in a white shirt. Still as my pal, who was passing as I watched it said "Well, a white shirt is your image Jus"
What are friends for!
Talking of friends, my friend and colleage, and fellow SOD (society of distinguished songwtiters) Mike Batt was down this way a couple of weeks ago with his new protegies, The Planets, a group of very talented young classical musicians who play standing up with fantastic energy and rhythm. They were brilliant and I'm sure they will do well.
I look forward to seeing some of you on the tour.
With love from your friend, who also likes to play standing up, when possible, with as much energy as a hopeless romantic can muster,
My love is of comely height and straight,
And comely in all her ways and gait,
She shows in her face the rose's hue,
And her lids on her eyes are white on blue.
When Elemley clubmen walk'd in May,
And folk came in clusters every way,
As soon as the sun dried up the dew,
And clouds in the sky were white on blue,
She came by the down,with tripping walk,
By daises and shining banks of chalk,
And brooks with the crowfoot flow'rs to strew
The sky-tinted water, white on blue.
She nodded her head as play'd the band;
She tapp'd with her foot as she did stand;
She danc'd in a reel, and wore all new
A skirt with a jacket,white with blue.
I single her out from thin and stout,
From slender and stout I chose her out;
And what, in the evening, could I do,
But give her my breast-knot,white and blue?
White and Blue by William Barnes
p.s. - the title of the new Alan Simon album is going to be 'GAIA'