November 2001
I'm here in the studio again with Alberto, Danilo and John. Up until this week I've been working with Danilo at his house preparing the songs to record, programming and guitar playing, and now we are doing the real thing. It's hard work and intense but very exciting and inspirational. I have lots of samples of Ray and Graeme and so they are with us in sound as it were and we look forward to them being with us here whenever they feel the urge.
The Mediterranean weather has suddenly turned the corner into Winter; last week T-shirts, this week overcoats. We seemed to miss out Autumn completely.
My lyrics started flowing and images came thick and fast so the world looked a nicer place.
We are all very pleased that the tickets for the U.K. tour are selling very well, and I'm looking forward to seeing our British fans again. We always travel by bus between those whacky British Hotels and have a lot of fun on our patch. It will also be excellent to be back in the United States in March. I am getting America withdrawal symptoms already.
Tomorrow Steve Wood, the arranger of the fabulous music on the Amazing Caves Imax film is coming here to the studio. He has asked me to be part of a project he is working on with a Greek opera singer who has done a beautiful version of Nights and wants me to duet with him. I hope I can rise to the occasion. It will be nice to see Steve again and work with him in person, as our relationship on the Caves was mostly by phone, fax, protools and tapes across the water.
As Christmas approaches I look at this beautiful world, as the seasons change and the winter birds return and think how valuable it is. I hope we can one day do it justice.
Peace and love Justin.