I clearly remember playing Glastonbury in 1967 (although ‘clearly remembering 1967’ is not something I can often say) but that was well before the famous Glastonbury Festivals started. I’m reliably told that we did play at one of the early events although I don’t remember it, but then maybe those psychedelic substances I occasionally enjoyed convinced me I was elsewhere? Whoops.

We certainly played at the Isle of Wight, and we were at the Bath festival and a few others. They were always enlightening, and sometimes a bit mad.

However, the Glastonbury gig that I do remember was a real turning point for my dear Moody Blues. It was the first time ‘the beautiful people’ had graced us with their enthusiastic and magical presence – yes, there were such a crowd – and we were presenting our new music. Before that we had been doing mostly cover versions and wearing our smart (but a bit naff) blue suits – but the night before the Glastonbury gig we boldly decided to discard our suits, and our old set . Well, after all, now we had “Nights In White Satin’ and ‘Twilight Time’ to play. This was the real stuff.    To my surprise and joy they loved it.

At mystical Glastonbury we were entering a new age, and I was playing close to my childhood home in Wiltshire for once. It was really important for me.

It’s important now, and it’s a great pleasure. Thank you Michael for your gracious invitation to be here with the beautiful people once again.

Justin Hayward